Senior year is an unforgettable chapter of your life, and it deserves to be celebrated in style. One way to commemorate this milestone is through your unique senior photography session. But with each season offering its unique charm, how do you decide when to have your photoshoot? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the pros and cons of each season in the Toledo area to help you choose the perfect backdrop for your senior photos!



  • Vibrant Blooms: Spring in Toledo is a burst of color, with flowers in full bloom. The vibrant backdrop can add a fresh and cheerful touch to your photos.
  • Mild Temperatures: Spring offers comfortable temperatures for outdoor sessions without the discomfort of extreme heat or cold.
  • Symbolism: Spring symbolizes renewal and growth, mirroring your journey from high school to your future adventures.


  • Unpredictable Weather: Toledo's spring can bring occasional showers and variable weather, which might require a backup plan.
  • Busy Schedules: With final exams and graduation preparations, scheduling your shoot in spring can be a bit challenging.



  1. Versatile Locations: Summer offers a wide range of outdoor locations, from parks to beaches, to showcase your personality.
  2. Vacation Vibes: Capture the essence of carefree summer days in your photos for a relaxed and sunny feel.


  1. Heat and Humidity: Toledo summers can get hot and humid, so be prepared for warm weather during your session. Lucky for you, almost all of my photo sessions take place first thing in the morning to take advantage of that beautiful "golden hour" glow!
  2. Popular Season: Many seniors opt for summer sessions, making it essential to book early to secure your preferred date.



  1. Stunning Foliage: Toledo's fall foliage is breathtaking, providing a warm and earthy backdrop to your senior photos.
  2. Comfortable Weather: Cooler temperatures in the fall make for pleasant outdoor sessions without the sweltering heat.
  3. Cozy Wardrobe: Fall fashion, with its layers and textures, adds style and depth to your photos.


  1. Limited Availability: Fall is a highly sought-after season for senior sessions, so booking well in advance is crucial to secure your preferred date.
  2. Variable Timing: Peak foliage season can be brief and unpredictable, making timing critical to capture the colorful moments. I follow foliage predictors and will let you know when predicted peak foliage will be when you go to book (upon request)!



  1. Unique Aesthetic: Winter's snow and ice create a magical, serene atmosphere for your photos, perfect for a unique look.
  2. Beautiful Outdoor Options: Toledo offers many public spaces for photo sessions, like Oak Openings Metropark, and taking photos there in the winter is a magical experience!
  3. Holiday Themes: Winter sessions can embrace the holiday spirit or ring in the New Year for a distinct theme.


  1. Cold Conditions: Be prepared for chilly weather during outdoor shots, and dress warmly to stay comfortable.
  2. Limited Indoor Options: Toledo only has a handful of free indoor locations that allow professional photography. If you really want an indoor session, I know a few photographer friends who have beautiful studios that they will rent out. You would just pay their studio fee, and then I would take your pictures there!


Can't decide on just one season? That's where my exclusive "Split Session" package comes in. With this package, you'll enjoy an hour-long session on two separate dates, allowing you to experience the beauty of Toledo in two different seasons. Whether it's the blooming spring or the cozy winter, this package ensures a diverse range of backdrops and looks for your senior photos.


Now that you have a better understanding of each season's advantages and considerations, it's time to take action. Toledo's weather can be unpredictable, and scheduling your session well in advance is crucial to securing your preferred season.

I strongly encourage you to reach out 3-4 months in advance to book your senior session. This way, you can ensure that you don't miss out on your perfect season, especially if you have a specific date or location in mind.

To get started on this exciting journey and to discuss your vision, simply contact me and let me know what you're thinking for your perfect senior session. Let's plan a session that reflects your unique personality and celebrates this incredible milestone in your life!