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Emily & Joe || Toledo Ohio Engagement Session || Toledo Museum of Art & Middlegrounds Metropark

I’m so excited to share Emily and Joe’s love story with you! Seriously, we always manage to work with the most amazing couples, and Emily and Joe are no exception. Their engagement session was so sweet… It made my heart happy to see their love for one another shine through in their engagement photos! We did a little Q&A with the future Mrs. K. for this blog post!

Lacey Studios: Let's start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? Emily: We met in Jr. High at a Perrysburg football game. Joe was friends with my best friend, and she introduced us. Joe and I spent the rest of that night hanging out and laughing. Ever since that day, we have been such good friends, and I always had a secret little crush on him. He just makes me laugh more than anybody in the world!

Lacey Studios: How did you know your partner was the one?

Emily: I have loved Joe ever since middle school and I’ve always thought I would want to marry him. It took Joe a little bit longer to realize I was the one but I think we both knew we couldn’t live without each other when real life kicked in and we had each other’s shoulders to always cry on and laugh with.

Lacey Studios: Give us all the details about the proposal. How and where did it happen? Was it a surprise? What was the planning process?

Emily: We love traveling, so on New Year's we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Denver, Colorado since life is too short not to. Joe was holding onto the ring for about a month before this and was waiting for the perfect time/place to pop the question. It was my idea to go to Colorado so he got lucky with the beautiful proposal location and took it as the perfect opportunity. He asked for my dad’s blessing the day we left for the long trip, and I had absolutely no idea that any of this happened. We were in Denver for a few days before I noticed that he was acting a little weird. On the last day, we went on top of a mountain with the most beautiful view and decided to ask some random strangers to take a photo of us in front of the view. At this point, Joe was acting EXTREMELY nervous and freaking out! As the strangers were taking the photo, Joe suddenly said “hold on, I have one more pose” and GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE. My jaw drops and so does the random strangers! He asks if I would marry him and I replied with “of course!”. The random strangers awkwardly left and gave us our alone time on that beautiful lookout mountain. We sat there talking about our future for an hour in absolute, pure bliss.

Lacey Studios: That is such a sweet proposal! Tell us all about that ring!

Emily: My ring is an absolute dream! For a couple months before the proposal, we would causally look at pretty rings, and I thought I knew what I wanted until I found “the one.” One day I fell in love with a Tacori Dantela ring, and I thought that I would never be able to get it and that was fine. When I saw Joe pop the question with my dream ring, I almost fainted! He could’ve proposed to me with anything and I would’ve said yes, but I’m glad he chose this beauty.

Lacey Studios: What makes your relationship special or unique? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together.

Emily: Every aspect of our relationship is special to us. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We value our time together and each others presence every day (especially with everything happening in the world). We are both HARDCORE foodies and love trying new foods! We recently moved to Chicago, and one of the big reasons why was for the food options. We just love spending all of our time together, eating food, traveling, laughing, and doing this crazy life together.

Lacey Studios: Why did you decide on the Toledo Museum of Art and Middlegrounds Park for your engagement shoot?

Emily: We knew we wanted to have our shoot in Toledo because Joe loves the city of Toledo. Our AMAZING photographer has shot many other engagement sessions at our location and all of the pictures are gorgeous, so we wanted to give it a try!

Lacey Studios: What was your favorite part of your engagement session?

Emily: All of it! Alex and Tyler [with Lacey Studios] were amazing with telling us which poses would look best, and we spent the whole session laughing. We didn’t feel rushed at all, and it was super easy and laid back. The pictures also came out gorgeous!!

Lacey Studios: Tell me what you're most excited about for your upcoming wedding!

Emily: Of course I’m most excited to marry the man of my dreams! We’ve wanted this for so long and I can’t believe our day is almost here. Also, I’m super excited about seeing all of our family and friends celebrating with us!

We can't wait for your gorgeous September wedding, Emily and Joe!


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