Hey There, Class of 2025!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love freebies, do you?? As one of my Model Team Representatives, you are in for a BUNCH of freebies scattered throughout your senior year as a thank you for choosing me to take your senior photos, representing Lacey Studios, and simply sharing your amazing photos to your Instagram!

Model Team '25 is open to anyone that is in the Class of 2025 in Northwest Ohio. Applications will be available to everyone on February 1st, 2024, and these limited Model Team spots will be filled FAST. If you are interested in becoming a Model Team Rep, then send me a message before then and you'll EARLY ACCESS to the application!

encouragement from my past models

Bella \\ Model Team '24

“One of the highlights of senior year was taking my senior pictures with Alex, and my experience was made even better by getting a spot on Model Team '24. We have gotten extra shoots that have been so incredibly fun and gave my portfolio some awesome variety. It’s literally like just hanging out with a best friend for a while, and we take pictures of the constant laughter and smiles. Alex gives us direction on styling and pose ideas, and we just go out there and have fun while she captures it all!”

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Model Team Details

I'm looking for senior girls in the Class of '25 who...

  • Lift each other up on social media (we always hype up the other Models on the team!)
  • Are involved in their school activities
  • Love having their photos taken (and love planning cute outfits!)
  • Bonus points if you post on Instagram, to show that you're comfortable with posting pics of yourself

What FREE perks will you get as a Model Team Rep?

  • 4 exclusive invites to Model Team photo shoots ($700 value)
  • Digital images from all team shoots (up to $1500 value)
  • Styled team photo experiences (up to $500 value)
  • Cash back for referrals if your friends book with me (up to $50 per referral!)

What do you have to do as a Model Team Rep?

  • Book either my Platinum or Gold Package (see pricing here)
  • Post your pics taken by me 2x per month on Instagram (#seniorsunday is a great excuse!)
  • Positively represent my brand and recommend me to your friends!
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Do I have to have modeling experience to join?

Absolutely NOT! I never expect any of my models to have modeling experience. Part of the fun of joining the team is learning how to pose in the most fun and flattering ways to get awesome shots during your photoshoots. I promise you will get LOTS of practice posing as a Model Team Rep, and you will have SO MUCH FUN doing it!

What are the requirements of being on the team?

There is no specific Model Team fee, but you MUST book either my Platinum or Gold Package to be eligible to join the Model Team.

You are highly encouraged (but not required) to take part in the FREE team sessions throughout the year.

Tag Lacey Studios in your Instagram posts 2x per month and be willing to share my name with your friends who need senior pics. This helps others find my business and is the reason the Model Team exists!

What are the perks of being on the model team?

4 exclusive invites to Model Team photo shoots ($700 value)

High-resolution digital images from all team shoots (up to $1500 value)

Styled team photo experiences (up to $500 value)

Cash back for referrals if your friends book with me (up to $50 per referral!)

I'm interested! How do I apply??

You and your parent/guardian will need to fill out the Model Team application (released on February 1, 2024). Sign up NOW to have early access to the application and increase your chances of being accepted by filling out my Contact Form.

If selected, Lacey Studios will set up a Zoom call to meet with you and your parent/guardian.

You will need to pay for and officially book your Platinum or Gold senior session within 72 hours of this meeting. My non-refundable retainer is $250 to officially reserve your session, so please let them know this. I don't want them to be surprised with this info!

Does it cost anything extra to be on the team?

The only cost involved is the cost of your senior session. As a Model Team Rep, you must book either my Platinum or Gold Session. You can review my session pricing on my website under "Session Info." There is NO additional Model Team fee.

How much time does the team take up?

Beyond your own senior session, it's really up to you! School always comes first, and I know with jobs and extracurriculars, life can get busy! I will send you invites to the shoots in advance, and you can come to every shoot that works with your schedule!

Do you get any individual shots during team shoots?

Yes! All of my team shoots include a wide variety of individual AND team shots. Basically, you're going to be able to keep your IG looking fresh for every #seniorsunday throughout your senior year!

Side note: If you have a friend on the team with you, you'll always get pics with them at the team sessions!! So tell your friends that they should apply with you!

What's your biggest tip for getting accepted?

To put it simply... APPLY! Seriously, if you don't apply, you'll never get in! But one of the things I'm looking for the most is someone who will positively represent my brand, so I do check all of my prospective models' Instagram pages to make sure they are representing THEMSELVES positively :)